1st Birthday

Well… One minute everyone is telling me congratulations and the next minute its birthday wishes for my son. Everyone said to enjoy it as time goes too quickly. I guess you don’t realise how quick it really does go.

I feel like I was planning my sons first birthday before I had chance to realise how quickly the year had passed. I blinked and he was turning one. What cake shall I get? Will anyone turn up to his party? What goes in party bags these days? Well the build up was stressful to say the least.

Why can’t he stay a baby forever… Why is he now a destructive toddler?


Yes, I was an emotional wreck. However I couldn’t be prouder of how far we’d both come over the last year. I don’t know whether I was more overwhelmed his birthday was right before Christmas.

I wish I was able to rewind time to enjoy every second I had but instead I was worried what people would think that I hadn’t done the house work, brushed my hair or even got dressed. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the year however the first few months were a blur.

Well I went over the top and planned a huge party – he deserved it! But you can’t predict how your little one is going to be and mine ended up ill. He enjoyed the party regardless.

Now my house is covered in plastic crap, if I’m not tripping over my son or the dog – I am now tripping over plastic crap and lots of it. Why can’t a child play with one toy and put it away before getting another toy out? I climb into bed and find he’s nicely stashed a toy car or a spoon in my bed – cheers son!

All I can say is make sure you really do cherish every day give. Don’t worry about the housework, rope the family in to help in exchange of new baby cuddles… I wish I had.

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