Well you might think, why is she writing about this? Purely as once the months pass and your baby grows up, friends become distant.

Ok it could be partly our fault that we don’t text back all the time, or not always available to have a coffee but that is just part of mum life. Those without children won’t understand this; they will think you’re cancelling plans because you can’t be bothered when your child could just be ill or not slept during the night so you could do with those extra naps during the day.

Don’t feel bad for it, if they want to see you they would turn up at your door and not mention how messy your hair is or how big the bags under your eyes are.

We cant always be on our phones all the time or out every weekend. My son is 13 months old and has never slept out, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think my body has adapted to the night feeds. Yes – he still wakes during the night, multiple times too!

Baby classes – they’re the trick! I’ve met some lovely mums this last year as I tackled my anxiety and attended a class which I still go too. I don’t know who loves it more between me and my son. Those who have children especially of a similar age understand the moods, the opened but not replied to texts (I hope) and the terrible roots you end up getting. Get yourself booked onto baby groups; there is a lot out there that is actually free. Win – win.

Everybody is in the same boat and quite worried to talk to one another. Me? I’m the noisy one sat in the corner with the loudest laugh ever. However I never used to be, I’ve learnt to find who I truly am and found other mums who have the time of day for me.

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