Living with a toddler

To those who think each day gets easier as the child gets older, wrong. I’m sure the terrible two’s have already started in our house. It doesn’t sound like a lot has happened in the last 48 hours however I feel like I’ve done so much that I could happily curl up in bed right now.

Back in December 2017, my tiny 7lb 8.5oz baby boy turned 1. Ever since then he permanently has mini melt downs, well more like major meltdowns.


So last night I woke up to Archie crying, I darted straight into his room and offered his bottle just like normal. It turned out he just wanted me. (Those who know Archie know he isn’t a cuddly baby). After half an hour of sitting up with him, I climbed into his bed hoping I’d get some sleep. A 5ft 4 girl wouldn’t have any trouble fitting in a toddler bed right? Wrong.. Imagine that half of my legs were hanging off the bed, well they were *sigh* (all I could think about was my new egyptian cotton bedding) BUT it worked, he settled and nodded back off so I was able to sneak back into my room. The night didn’t end there, let’s just say my bed remained cold. I was glad for morning nap time and made the most of every second, once I realise he had nodded off that was – I was too busy browsing the internet (ooops).

I know some would say you shouldn’t give in, he’s going to end up spoilt, he’s got you wrapped around your little finger. The answer is no, he’s only a baby once.. If he needs his mum I’m going to be there for him. Everyone parents differently and this is okay. I will comfort Archie when he needs me; I will hug him once he’s calmed from a melt down. Each melt down is holding frustration for something he needs/wants not because he’s being a brat (although it feels like that sometimes, is it acceptable for us to have a meltdown from time to time?) I’ve become to realise he can’t voice what he’d like. Although I’m not looking forward to the “I want” “I need” phase.

So after a lazy morning of doing nothing, we had the school run. A walk from the car to the school door would normally take 1 minute, today it took over 10 minutes. Purely as Archie wanted to waffle on about what he could see, he wanted to watch everyone walk past (by stopping dead) and stand on every twig on the path. (Roll on summer when there isn’t as many twigs!). I’m now that woman you’re walking behind losing your patience with. Archie now he enjoys to walk everywhere at 1mph. (I promise I’m not doing it on purpose, he has a huge meltdown in his pram. I can’t decide whats worse?)

Daily chores take 10 x longer. I decided to put some washing on after tea only to find Archie had got some socks off the radiator and was putting them in the washing machine waffling away to himself (I’m hoping he’s not copying me as I’ll be slightly worried if he notices me speaking to myself) and went to switch the machine on. He made me say ‘Ta’ after every item of clothing he passed me from his washing basket. 15 minutes later, the washing machine was on (when will he get bored of daily tasks? He loves the washing machine and dryer).

Oh to have a tiny sleeping newborn some days, but then I guess I’d be bored after having my hands full looking after Archie full-time. I can’t wait until 7pm every night. You may think why? Bedtime – then I find myself sat thinking to myself, I’m bored.. But who doesn’t love an early night (one positive I guess ready for tomorrows adventures).

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