Baby groups

So a lot of mum’s have a huge fear of attending baby classes. (You might think why now you’ve attended one for a long time, right?) I can honestly say it was a huge fear of mine. I thought everyone would stare at me being a young mum.

However I braved it and I’ve never turned back. I done my research and found that Bibbity Bobbity Boo done a free trial. I thought fab! If I don’t like it then it’s not a loss. Archie was only 3 months at the time however I felt like I was going slightly insane at home just me and him and began suffering with Post Natal Depression really badly. I didn’t know any other mum’s and I rarely left the house let alone know what day of the week it was (I only know now because I go to BBB every Tuesday).

I went along and you can only imagine what happened. Archie slept through the whole session. I couldn’t help but laugh. How can a tiny baby sleep through so much noise? I took the chance and decided to continue going every week. As the weeks went on he would stay awake until the last 10 minutes. He was never interested in anything but Kirsty – he was mesmerised.

As he began to get older he learnt to hold the instruments and play along whilst I spoke to other mum’s. (Yes a conversation that wasn’t in baby language!) It felt great. I slowly become the noisy one who was still speaking as the music stopped (sorry Kirsty!). By 8 months Archie was showing off his crawling skills venturing into the middle where he’d find all kinds of sensory toys. He often used to sit next to Kirsty just to press on her iPad screen as he thought it was his (he’s got my old iPad for BBB music – of course). The bond between them both developed and I’ve gained a friend well multiple friends from just going to one group.

I’m slightly emotional my baby will soon be joining the toddler class as his walking skills are finally coming along. How can he go from sleeping through the whole class to playing the instruments, popping bubbles and singing along? All in less than 12 months may I add. His development has come on leaps and bounds from attending this class every week.

Archie is glued to Mr Tumble at home so I always tried to copy the signs at home however when Kirsty decided to join Makaton in as part of the music class, I thought great! Archie now signs for BBB (not for the camera though or when asked). Then the weekly live links appeared (yes I have watched them whilst Archie is asleep) which I still watch now with Archie. My niece, 4 also sings along and loves Kirsty. She always says “aww that’s Archies music teacher”. Kirsty is great at what she does and all the children seem to love her.

I invited Kirsty to Archies 1st birthday party, not to work but to celebrate with us. Little did I know she was keeping a secret from me. My mum had booked for her to work and I can honestly say, it completed the party. It was amazing! (Where does Kirsty and her sister Carly get their energy from when they’re mum’s themselves?!) All the children loved it as she adapted it to suit the age range.

Even when I wont be able to attend every week (a long way away I hope) I know I’ve gained a friend in Kirsty. I no longer as suffer with Post Natal Depression and I feel like Bibbity Bobbity Boo had a huge part of helping me overcome this. It has also now been proven that attending a baby music class can help with PND;

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