The facts

Hello, I’m Jessica (I prefer my name being written as Jessica but spoken Jess). I’m 23, soon to be 24. I live with my son and crazy dog and hate gardening yet I live in a corner house with 2 huge gardens. I’m dyslexic and I won’t let it defeat me.

I have a very weird cross-breed of a dog and she is beyond bonkers! I couldn’t imagine not coming home to her every day though and her practically knocking me over (yes, she’s a big dog). She is actually crossed between 3 different breeds but only noticeably shows 2. Daisy’s mum was a cross between a staffy and boxer and her dad was an Alsatian.


(I’ve currently realised I should be wearing my glasses but I can’t seem to remember where I’ve placed them)

I never realised I had so many odd habits until people offer to help out. (You may think well everyone has odd habits, right? Well that makes me feel better).

First crazy habit – the labels in the duvet. The label of the cover itself always has to be where the buttons/poppers are. That part of my cover always has to be by my feet. The labels on the pillow have to be furthest in the pillow case and any labels on the fitted sheet have to be at the bottom end of the bed. (strange hey?) it doesn’t end there..

I hate odd numbers, the TV volume is a standard procedure. However whenever I’m cooking everything has to be in even numbers (obviously not chips or pasta, I’m not that bad.. YET) but the likes of chicken pieces, potatoes, fish fingers etc.

I have to brush my teeth right before leaving the house. I should learn to brush my teeth prior to doing my makeup but I feel like I’m forgetting something if I do when I come to leave the house. I also check my teeth after everything I’ve eaten thanks to my brace days. It could be anything that wouldn’t even get stuck in my teeth but I still check.

I don’t feel like I’ve locked the car unless I press the button about 5 times. I can’t stand when other people lock it and just press it once (my poor car doesn’t feel safe).

The blinds have to be opened on a tilt and all the same way around the house (who even opens vertical blinds, straight?)

Archies changing bag has to be in the order I left it or I feel like I’ll have a melt down. I go into panic knowing someone has gone in his bag, even if it’s to get an item off the top.

I cannot stand my knees touching whilst I’m asleep, even the thought of it goes through me. I tend to sleep in the recovery position to avoid this.

I hate socks. I wear them because I have too but given the opportunity I take them straight off (just as quickly as my coat in fact).

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