First haircut

Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend. We didn’t get up too much, we had a lazy Saturday and an afternoon shopping on Sunday.

So last week I planned to take Archie for his first hair cut. I’d had a look at different barbers as he seems to like to adapt to his surroundings. I found one barbers that had a side room just for children full of toys etc. It even had a telly with Peppa Pig on!

Sounds perfect right? Well no, he hated every second of it and he was sat in the coolest chair ever (quite jealous I guess!). He cried from start to finish, then sang and laughed as soon as we left (no adorable first hair cut photo but when does my child ever cooperate for these kind of things?)


“Well what would you like me to do today?” (I haven’t got clue about boy’s hair so how was I supposed to explain?!) Well I stood and waffled what I wanted it to look like. I cannot thank the woman for persevering and cutting Archie’s hair as quickly as she could.

He was given a lollipop mid hair cut in the hope he would stop crying however that got chucked at me.

A few minutes later it was done, his wild crazy hair had been cut – finally!! He went from entering the shop looking like an oversized baby to the cutest toddler known to man (well he is, duh).

The minute the hairdresser asked if I wanted a certificate for Archie, I jumped at her. Of course I do, I think he deserves it after having the biggest melt down because he only want his hair brushed and not cut.

I’m hoping this was a one-off and he will be fine next time (why does boys hair grow so fast?). However now they’re aware of Archie’s ways, I will be returning back there (sorry ladies!)

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