Beauty disaster

I haven’t looked after myself since falling pregnant, I’ve always bought baby clothes or bits and bobs for around the house. So I went and bought a few new bits. I treated myself to 2 new face masks, a hair mask and fake tan. I haven’t used these kind of things in donkeys.

Firstly my face mask review;

Well its a never again product. Total shambles! I put the face mask on, the smell was horrific (how was I supposed to relax?). It reminded me of my childhood, yet I still can’t quite put my finger on what. It smelt like chemicals, kind of like cheap makeup you get as a kid at Christmas. I wanted to get my moneys worth so I stuck it out.

Well I popped my feet up and read a few blogs, checked Facebook and before I knew it I was able to take this vile smelling thing of my face. This had to be the first face mask I’ve ever been able to peel off like stated of the packaging. My skin still felt the same? As the night went on, I obviously went to bed in the hope to get some sleep as I’ve been dealing with a teething toddler all night for the last week.

Well I woke up (without any prompting from Archie) to my face burning, my neck was so itchy. I couldn’t pin point what was happening, I thought I’d left the heating on as I refused to switch the big light on when I was basically half asleep. I turned the pillow over and nodded back off to be woken again. My face was beyond itchy, I switched the light on this time. my face/neck was bright red and swollen. I’d had an allergic reaction to this horrible smelling face mask (How is this even possible?) I couldn’t believe it. I refused to go out the following day as I couldn’t bring myself to put makeup on it.

I’m now very worried about the other face mask, that best be a more relaxing experience.

Fake tan;

Well I always used to use the mousse version of this fake tan when I used to go out (what feels like many moons ago now). It always looked amazing. As I’m over due a holiday and some sun, I thought I’d get the mist spray thinking fab! No streaks as I wont need to rub it in. WRONG! 2 orange hands later and 2 extremely brown soles of my feet later, I smelt like a digestive (I have kind of missed that smell though). I felt amazing for having some colour but I was not rocking it like other girls would be.

It’s fair to say, I’m clearly made to be natural and not bother trying to be the girl I haven’t really got the time to be. However if there are any instant beauty products you’d recommend – please let me know! I’m all for quick fixes.

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