Being a single parent

Like everyone, I’d planned of the perfect family when I found out I was pregnant. I wanted a mum and dad unit for Archie. Something I’d never had. Something I knid of wish was still possible (although we’ve both agreed it’s not).

You see others at school that have the “perfect” family whilst trying to explain why your own mum and dad aren’t together. I didn’t want that for Archie.

Having a baby really does put a strain on your relationship. It suddenly clicked one day that I couldn’t pretend to be happy. Archie began to pick up on everything and became hard work. It had to be one of the hardest decisions as you never expect to be a young single mum but I was – I am.

It’s not easy in the slightest as technically it’s double the work even though he sees his dad. It’s hard trying to work as a team when we literally just hand Archie to one another (we talk for Archies sake but lets be serious whos best pals with their ex?).

Christmas and birthdays are beyond the hardest thing to do. No-one ever wants to imagine not celebrating Christmas day with their own child (I now dread Christmas).

Along with doing every night feed for the last 14 months (yes every single one! Dedication right?) It comes with its positives, I’ve seen all of Archies firsts. His face lights up when he gets dropped off home from seeing his dad.

You’d think I’d want a night off or even a full day. I may be tired but there’s nothing I love more than spending each day with Archie.

My family is perfect in my eyes. Archie is so much happier and that’s all that matters to me. No day is easy but it’s made me the woman I am. I’ve never been stronger.

No man will enter our lives unless Archie gets along with him nor will he ever replace Archies dad. Archie will always be my main priority and nothing will ever change that.

Me and Archie are now like best friend’s. I’ll even be taking him to football training (not that I understand football, maybe one day I will) but I’ll always try regardless.

People are quick to slate young single mum’s but it’s not like we chose to be in this situation. We do what’s best for our child. Single parents deserve all the respect going because I can tell you now, it’s not easy.

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