Night feeds

With any tiny little human comes the night feeds. I used to sleep over 12 hours and nap given the chance before falling pregnant (lazy I know!) But now I’m lucky to get 4 hours together (I’ve got the walking zombie look nailed).

The first few weeks were the hardest purely as Archie fed every 2 hours regardless day or night. I didn’t know what hour of the day it was, ever! Purely as I slept, well tried too whilst he did (When I wasn’t just staring at him wondering how he was so perfect).

By 3 months he was sleeping through but I couldn’t. I woke and sat waiting for him to wake. So much so that I got that bored of waiting, I’d nod back off myself. I thought I had this whole parenting thing down to a T.

Then teething, weaning and nasty bugs got thrown in the mix. He was up constantly again. Sometimes I’d sit and cry and say I couldn’t do it. I thought I was failing. It comes to a point when you realise you’re probably getting the most sleep when you sneeze.

Archie still wakes numerous times now at 14 months, sometimes just for a cuddle. I now cherish these night get ups as they won’t last forever. He doesn’t mean any harm from waking and I’ve learnt to realise that.

I couldn’t be more proud of myself for doing every single night feed for the last 14 months. It’s not easy, nor is trying to work out what your child wants when you’re half asleep but he won’t be small forever. He will soon be moving out living his own life, and I’ll be able to sleep then (maybe!).

Enjoy them sleepy cuddles and share the night feeds!

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