Adventures with Daisy

So today I had a rare baby free morning. I decided regardless of the weather I’d go for a long walk with my dog, Daisy.

I’ve recently been suffering with the world’s worst headaches so I thought what’s better than an early morning walk? I packed up the car, dropped Archie off and drove to one of Daisys favourite places.

She on the other hand was sat yawning and shivering on the passenger seat in the car. Wellies on, headphones in I felt like I was prepared for this walk.

I turned around and noticed a group of people starting a huddle with their dogs with someone in a high vis vest. (I later found out from another dog walker they’re a running club but you run with your dogs) Great, just what I wanted! I went the opposite way and started walking through the mud sliding everywhere, I knew I was about to fall but luckily I came across a path.

Totally clueless I was singing out loud I followed the path to the muddiest field. I took the chance, I got stuck in mud every step but Daisy was in her element. Running round, jumping in the air until she spotted the running club. My heart sank, I knew she would dart off and try and get through the barbed wire.

I was that weirdo shouting Daisy (I’m glad she doesn’t have a stupid name!) She wasn’t interested in me, I didn’t know what to do, my feet were getting stuck in mud every step I took so there was so chance I could run. But thankfully she came back in the end. I decided to walk on a random path with lead me to the canal. Blissfully quiet (anyone else think someone is going to jump out on you and push you in the water though or is that just me?).

Daisy was beyond happy. I just hoped no ducks were gonna pass us as she thinks they’re there to play with and jumps in after them and forgets she hates water. She literally lead the whole walk and got me talking to multiple people.

I’ve honestly never received so many comments on how beautiful she is. But there had to be one, “well I’ve heard staffys are horrible and more so if they’re crossbred”.. Erm have you ever had a staffy? Any dog can be horrible but that’s down to its owner. I cannot stand little yappy dogs but I don’t go round slating them on a walk (I just avoid them). Anyone who knows daisy knows how friendly she is, she forgets how big she is and wants everyone to be her friend. I get people don’t like big dogs but I do so hush up and enjoy your own walk.

I’ve never felt pain like it getting into bed and realising how far I’d actually walked. My legs were in agony!

Until our next adventure. x

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