Hospital bag

Everyone told me to pack my bag early so it was done but I never. I started and never got around to finishing it until I was in labour but I still forgot a few bits.

  1. Birthing plan and your hospital notes (keep them near your suitcase incase someone else picks your bags up on the way to hospital).
  2. A bobble! (You’re not gonna want your hair in your face. Don’t forget your brush).
  3. Sanitary pads. The bigger the better (you’ll feel like you’re wearing a nappy but they’re needed).
  4. Pyjamas. Ideally black ones with elasticated waist or a nightie. (I also took vest tops to give birth in and to chill in afterwards as the hospital was so hot).
  5. Vaseline. (Trust me you’ll need in on gas and air. I had to wait 5 hours before a shop opened that my mum could go too).
  6. Breastpads. You’re gonna leak!
  7. Slippers and socks. (Maybe flip flops incase your waters pop whilst walking around).
  8. Granny smackers. (The biggest black knickers you can find and lots of them).
  9. Going home outfit. Something comfy as you’ll probably curl up on the sofa when you get in. (Don’t forget your shoes! Although I went home in my slippers).
  10. Toothpaste/toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner, shower gel and of course deodorant.
  11. Snacks and drinks. Lots of sugary snacks as you’ll need the energy.
  12. A straw. (Odd one I know but it’ll help for your birthing partner to hold your drink for you whilst you have a drink).
  13. A bag to put all your dirty clothes in. (Luckily my mum took my labour clothes home as apparently they stunk – soz mum).
  14. Phone charger.
  15. Magazines or other things to pass the time by.
  16. Money. Incase you want to watch telly or go the shop.
  17. Camera. If the camera on your phone is shocking then take a camera. You’ll want to take lots of photos.
  18. Dressing gown. (You’re gonna want one incase you get a nasty leak. Perfect hiding prop whilst you pop the loo to change).
  19. A flannel. (I wish I’d of taken one, I was far too hot and would of loved an ice cold flannel on my face).
  20. A comfy bra. Sports bra or a breastfeeding bra. (All’s you want is comfort).

Birthing partner (yes they need one too) and baby bag to follow.

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