Babies hospital bag

Yes I had a separate bag for the baby which was so much easier! Plus you don’t have to carry your bags when you go in and leave hospital so make the most of it! (Your birthing partner won’t like me for telling you that, shh).

A few things will be different depending if you’re going to breast or bottle feed, cloth nappies or not etc. Don’t panic! If you forget something, there will always be a shop nearby.

  1. Baby grows and vests (Never go on the weight your health visitor has advised. Archie was meant to be a 9lb baby. He was 7lb 8.5oz and fitted in newborn/first sizes. But pack a few 0-3 incase you have a porker).
  2. Outfits for their bounty photos or to bring them home in (Check the outfit has feet in, if not pack tiny socks!).
  3. Knitted hat and cardi. It’s a must.
  4. Muslin clothes (they catch the dribble to save faffing with bibs).
  5. Scratch mits.
  6. Nappies and wipes (Don’t forget your nappy bags).
  7. Cotton wool or water wipes (The feel of cotton wool goes through me so water wipes were a godsend).
  8. Ready made milk (Aslong as you’re not breastfeeding. The hospital normally supplies milk if you want to breastfeed but can’t. Just double check).
  9. A blanket (I took two).
  10. Soft toy/comforter.
  11. Dummy.
  12. Carseat.
  13. A coat depending on what season you’re bringing the baby home.
  14. Sudocrem.

All’s they do is eat, poo and sleep and maybe be sick so don’t worry too much and if you’ve got another child, maybe a toy for them so they feel included and special.

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