Your mans bag

Not the one that’s created the baby, he’ll need his own hospital bag. Make your birthing partner pack their own bag so you can blame them if they forget something. You don’t have to panic so much if you have a woman as your birthing partner as they carry everything in their handbag anyway.

  1. Spare clothes/shoes (they’re needed, luckily I went to hospital in my babies dad’s trackies as I thrown up all over him and he didn’t have spares).
  2. Money (the car park isn’t free!).
  3. Snacks and drinks (the more food, the less you have to share and the more you can rob).
  4. A book or something to pass the time by.
  5. Toothbrush and toothpaste (you don’t know how long you’ll be in hospital for).
  6. A pillow (for the 5 seconds sleep they may get).
  7. Camera.
  8. Phone charger.

Luckily I was allowed 2 birthing partners and my mum came with supplies and done shop runs. Don’t forget to arrange baby sitters, people to check on your animals if you have any and someone available all day to bring you home when you’re allowed (ideally someone who doesn’t mind carrying your bags in the house).

Batch cook lots of dishes and freeze them as you won’t want to or find the time to cook when you bring the baby home. Try to not stress about going into labour and just let it happen when it does. The more you and those around you stay relaxed, the better you will cope.

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