Top 10 useful & useless baby products


  1. A baby towel with hood
  2. A video baby monitor
  3. Nail scissors (I cut Archies finger with the baby nail clippers and I’ll never go near them again)
  4. Dribble bibs
  5. Anbesol teething liquid
  6. In ear thermometer (the doctor will always ask their temperature!)
  7. Joie 360 spin car seat
  8. Myhummy – motion detected white noise
  9. Door catches for your kitchen cupboards
  10. A good changing bag (one with lots of compartments)


  1. Baby dresser
  2. Top and tail body wash
  3. Nappy bin (you’ve got a wheely bin haven’t you?)
  4. Moses basket
  5. Jeans in newborn/first size (honestly you won’t use them)
  6. A nappy tidy (let’s face it who has the time to empty a pack of nappies into a tidy once the baby arrives)
  7. Talcom powder
  8. Formula tubs (make the bottles before you leave the house, the boiling water is to kill the germs in the formula too and that won’t happen in cold water)
  9. A wipe-warmer
  10. Baby food maker

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