10 things I couldn’t live without and why

The clues in the title, besides Archie, Daisy and my family of course;

  1. My phone (I’m beyond nosy and I tend to do the food shop etc online)
  2. Chocolate (I don’t drink tea or coffee so that’s my source of caffeine)
  3. My car (I HATE public transport)
  4. A pint glass (I can’t drink from a standard glass, it’s like a shot)
  5. My dressing gown (life saviour when the postman knocks)
  6. A bobble (I hate having my hair down. A few hours is enough)
  7. Ear buds (I know you shouldn’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear but I cannot stand dirty ears!)
  8. Toe nail clippers (I cant stand long toe nails, I hate feet as it is but if your feet aren’t looked after then I think you’re vile)
  9. Bleach (I love the smell of bleach. If I’m having a bad day, bleaching the house cures all)
  10. Toothbrush and toothpaste (I am obsessed with teeth.. clean teeth!)

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