Archies bedroom

To start with I decorated Archie’s room all jungle themed. Before he even moved in the room I was on Pinterest getting ideas of how to redecorate and now I love the room. I couldn’t bring myself to move him into his own room before I redecorated. I done the whole room on a tight budget and all with my own two hands. Everyone thought I was crazy but I couldn’t settle until it was done.

Archie’s room was far too bright as he was so used to black out curtains in my room so I knew I had to choose a dark colour. Royal blue caught my eye and I was/am obsessed with stars. As Archies room is a large room (lucky boy) I was able to use a royal blue, grey and white. I wanted a room that would grow with him and he was never a baby blue baby boy. I decided on a cosy book corner which we use every night, being dyslexic it was important to read to Archie regularly as I refuse to let that affect me.

My absolute bargain buy, this bean bag was only £4 from Dunelm mill as it was “faulty” it needed a tiny stitch which I managed to do within minutes and now it’s like brand new. Archie resembles any kind of bean bag now with reading where ever we go.

I managed to get 2 star wall lamps from IKEA (I used to have exactly the same one when I was little). They give off the perfect light for our bedtime routine as I hate using the big light when trying to settle him down for bed.

Matching the blues was the hardest part – luckily I found a seller on eBay that was able to help me match the stars to the wall (they are all individually stuck on).

I found the cutest little star mats from B&M which fitted perfectly with the theme. It really does pay to shop about when you’re working with a budget.

Storage was a huge thing that I wanted for his room as I didn’t want toys everywhere and I’m that weirdo that all his cars have to be kept together, musical toys together, soft toys etc. they’re all in separate boxes. I even managed to pick up a little storage box that was in the Matalan sale which I use as a bedside table for him.

As I wasn’t returning to IKEA any time soon when I needed more storage, I found Argos do the same unit as the Kallax which is of the same quality (I have the IKEA one in my living room). Being a bit of a weird colour freak I am yet to pick up 2 new boxes for the middle 2 as they don’t match his room but that isn’t a priority as I am currently redecorating my own bedroom.

Archies room will always be my favourite room in the house – luckily! As we spend a lot of time in there.

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