7th March.

Okay so today might be just a normal day to you, the hump day as some may call it. Truth be told, I’ve been struggling these last few weeks. I’ve not felt myself and been quite emotional and stroppy which is not like me (honest). I know my family would have understood my crazy mood swings but those around me have been totally clueless and probably thought I’ve been going insane (I haven’t, I swear).

The run up to this date this year has probably been one of the hardest, I’ve never fully had the chance to think about things. Last year I was so wrapped up in Archie (yes I still am but I’ve learnt my feelings and emotions are just as important), I forgot about how I really felt.

Today will always be a day of celebration, a day of laughter and a day full of cake. There is honestly no other way I’d celebrate my angels birthday. Some of you might of read a recent blog about my Grandad, well today isn’t a day to be forgotten about – today is his birthday.

You’re probably thinking well once tomorrow comes your moods will settle back down. But no, I want to let them run wild, I want to be able to let my emotions out and actually grieve. Nobody should be happy 24.7 (if you are then you’re weird). Holding your emotions in does nothing for nobody and definitely not yourself.

Today will be spent as a family day (as my niece calls it) just like my Grandad would have wanted it. He may not be here by our sides but he sure is with us within our hearts and I know full well he’d want us to have a slice of cake on him (it would be lemon meringue if it was his choice but he’d also love you to pay so you didn’t eat into his rainy day fund).

A smile can hide a thousand things but it only takes an act of kindness to ask if somebody is okay. Support those around you as you don’t know what they’re going through nor how they’re really feeling behind that smile.

P.s Friday isn’t that far away but don’t be wishing your weeks away as you don’t know how many you may have left. Enjoy each day you have and make memories that will last a life time with those you love.

Keep smiling. X

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