Mothers Day.

So today most might just think of thanking their mum or nan for all they’ve done (Mine are amazing and quite frankly like super women).

However there are men that have had to take the role of being mum out there whether it be their partner has died or simply just left them and dad’s taken full custody of the children. Or to those gay couples who foster/adopt they deserve to celebrate today too!

Grandparents who have also taken on the responsibility and do an amazing job. There are people out there who simply can’t get pregnant or carry their own baby and those who adopt/foster.

Aunties and those who have your own pets, you’re still part of the mum community.

So many people take on that motherly role and my respect goes out to you all, it’s not easy, it’s definitely not text-book but you’re doing an amazing job! Be proud of yourself.

To all you single mummy’s out there, hats off to you as from my own experience it’s not an easy ride!

No present will ever give you the love your own child can give. Without them we wouldn’t be the parents we are today.

Happy Mothers Day! X

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