The truth about the latest headline

Sorry I’ve been quiet recently due to Archie being extremely poorly. I’m hoping we’re now on the road to recovery – thank you for all your well wishes. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do before I’m back in full swing of writing however something has recently cropped up that’s extremely close to home.

Recently in the news Ant McPartlin has been mentioned more than normal. He’s known to be a happy and genuine man. BUT behind every smile is a story! In no way do I condone him drink driving as I’d absolutely flip my lid if someone crashed into me with Archie in the car but I don’t agree with all the vile comments that are being made.

As a sufferer of mental health I can see another side to his story. Mental health isn’t an easy thing to own up too, I know I never. It often leads to addiction, Ant has ended up on drink and drugs however I found making myself sick a reliever of all my problems. Everyone around me knew something wasn’t right however I continued to live in a bubble.

Seeing people close to me go through divorce shows how much of a horrible process it is so who actually knows what is going through his head right now? Only Ant will ever know and whilst he’s in this bubble, I doubt even he does.

I’m all for helping those who need help, I’m always an open ear to those who need it. I don’t agree in drink and drugs but a good majority of those on them, actually want to be free from that addiction. Have you ever tried to give up something you have daily? I can tell you its not easy. Why don’t you give up something you have daily throughout the whole of April?

So although people may say ‘oh well you wouldn’t be this understanding if it was another druggy’ well no I wouldn’t judge the situation as there is more to a story than everyone will ever know. A smile can hide a million worries. Let’s face it, we all put a brave face on time to time.

Those who have suffered with depression will know how much of a challenge it is to leave the house. Some of the things that were said to me during my pregnancy honestly made me feel so worthless, I felt I couldn’t continue my life but I had too – a tiny human was growing inside of me who needed me.

Depression is a serious thing and more and more people are taking their own lives. Whether people have money or not, that doesn’t mean they’re suffering any different.

Remember those around you might need you more than ever right now. Depression doesn’t ‘just go’ and you can’t just get on with it, help them get support!

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