Does anyone else find parent life extremely repetitive? Like okay I wouldn’t change it for the world but how many times do I need to repeat the same words/phrases a day?

And naps? Like you can tell what time of day it is as your child ends up the crankiest thing known to man because they’re due a nap. Although I think we end up the same as we’re due the peace and quiet. I absolutely love nap time as it’s the only time Archie will sleep solidly. Night time… well that’s just another story.

Today all’s I’ve said is ‘sit down on your chair’ ‘stop climbing’ ‘eat your dinner’ ‘let’s go’ ‘put it back’ the list is endless… Why don’t they listen the first time? Do we begin life like we end it, hard of hearing?

The poor dog responds better than Archie does, even when Archie tells her basic commands too! Like why would you listen to a child who thinks you’re a great climbing frame, pillow and horse combined? But she does. They have a love/hate relationship, so much so that she sits and sulks when Archie isn’t home and he calls every dog he sees ‘Daisy’ unless it’s a little dog then he doesn’t understand what it is and why it’s not like Daisy.

Who knows, he might start listening soon because letting him fall off his chair clearly isn’t teaching him either.

Have you just read that?

Like are you sure?

Do I need to ask you again or are you okay?

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