Behind it all

So I put a lot of thought into the decision to start writing. The thought of would I be able too? Would people be interested? What would I get out of it?

Finding out I was dyslexic in college was an absolute shock and spelling can be a huge issue in my day to day life but I can talk for England! I refused to let that defeat me in life and being a closed book, blogging was the perfect answer.

I never open up to anybody, I always believe I’m fine even when I’m not. I’ve got so much to worry about at the minute but I’m feeling motivated by it.. I don’t know how long that’ll last but hey ho!

I know many people who struggle to talk about what’s wrong and that’s normal. People are scared of being judged. But why should we be? Why should we judge others? Nobody’s life is perfect regardless of how big the size of the problem they have. I always used to say there’s somebody out there in a worse position than me.. years on I’ve began to realise if I don’t look after myself then I could be in their boat.

I still struggle to speak about what’s wrong so writing is a huge help to me. Okay it’s basically like I’m talking to myself but I suppose that’s pretty normal when you loose your marbles having a baby.

You should never feel like you can’t tell someone something, if you can’t speak out then you can write anonymous but it gives you a weight off your shoulders.

Nobody will nor should they judge you.. they’re there to support you. Speak to somebody and that weight will be lifted. You’ll overcome them problems.

It’s important to support one another. X

One thought on “Behind it all

  1. Yes yes! Thank you for writing and sharing. I have also found writing to be so important to processing and expressing emotions that feel clogged too often. Looking forward to reading more

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