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Random Trip to the Beach!

Thursday 25th July 2019

Officially the hottest day of the year by far reaching temperatures of 36°c!

I’m 6 and a half months pregnant and there are no words for that, it was unbearable!

Woke up along with the children at about 7:30 and other half already at work, I needed a child hack to keep their room cool throughout the day whilst trying to keep the rest of the house cool, too.

So, some white and yellow card from their arts and crafts box, some tape and the children banished to another room to avoid them killing eachother about who’s window was being boarded up first, I began.

So now, the front windows look ridiculous as to try and keep the heat out. But, it works!!

Received a phonecall before lunch to say that the better half would be back early and we’d be off to the beach to spend the evening eating food by the sea, playing arcade games and enjoying some well needed family time. Perfect!

Until I decided to do a food shop in the lovely new family wagon we’ve just brought to make way for our new arrival! To find the air conditioning wasn’t working (god knows why!) This was going to be fun!

Coming home from Lidl the temperature had risen by about a million degrees, I’m lugging, two children, 10 boxes of ice lollies and other stuff back home, along with the portable hot water bottle that’s cooking away nicely attached to my stomach.. was beginning to think I’d melt by the time 3pm came around!

Eventually, Mark came home and we set off for the beach, towels, blankets and spare clothes in tow! I think he thought I was joking about the heat in the car, only until we hit a load of traffic on the A11 due to what I can imagine was melting tarmac on the road! We then sat in the same spot for 45 mins, all cooking away, although the children seemed fine! Tablets in hand, Minion Rush game in full flow as they’re racing eachother on their games and shouting at whoever was winning that race!

Finally, we were on the move and soon we arrived in Great Yarmouth, the breeze was incredible, which suited well because Alfie and Darcie were eager to get to the beach and eat! We order from our favourite fish and chips takeaway bar and made our way to the beach, toilet runs too of course, I don’t know about others but my kids love the thought of trying out a new toilet wherever we are! Apart from that we sat down and watched the world go by for a little while before watching a storm roll in, we had 20 minutes on our ticket, so we went and played in the arcades until it was time to go.

Upon arriving back at the car, the storm was in full flow, lightening everywhere around us, thunder louder than I’ve ever heard before it was amazing! Mark and Alfie run with the camera and start snapping away for some lightening shots, and I get Darcie in the car ready to set off for the journey home, she’s not a fan of the loud thunder, the boys soon returned once the heavens opened and jumped in ready to go! The show was spectacular and the kids have told all their friends about it since we’ve been home!

Amazingly, it obviously wore the kids out too as they slept in till 10am the next day too which was a complete result!

So now it’s onto the next 41 days or so left before school and what to do to keep them amused and occupied!

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