Life Updates

What a Monday!

Yes the picture is me,
Yes I am covered in poo, no it wasn’t a crazy night out or an illness that got the better of me.. I became a mum to my third baby 🙈
It’s been a struggle and safe to say, tiredness, emotions and hormones are definitely taking their toll.. so here’s a laugh for you all!

Monday night I experienced this horrific scene 😂 casually changing my three week old newborns dirty nappy. She had a full tummy, clean PJ’s and soon to have a nice clean nappy to go to sleep with.
Little did I know, whilst lifting her legs to do the final wipe, she would, aim and fire! Never in the 6 years of being a mum did I think I’d become a human target practice for a tiny poop machine! But it happened, she redecorated my pillows, wardrobe and wallpaper behind me! Aswell as making sure I had my fair share, over my glasses, my mouth and as shown in the picture!
Some people thought they had shitty Mondays (no pun intended) but this trumped any Monday I’d had before!
Safe to say my little one slept beautifully after her poo explosion!

For all you mamas out there who are finding it tough especially in the earlier days, I hear you, you’re not alone, hang on in there!
We have shitty days, literally!!
But look for the good days too, learn to stress less about the minor things..

I hope this brings alittle humour to someone’s day today ✌🏻

We’ve got this 💪🏻 no matter what aimed at us 🙄😂

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