Life Updates

What a Monday!

Yes the picture is me,
Yes I am covered in poo, no it wasn’t a crazy night out or an illness that got the better of me.. I became a mum to my third baby 🙈
It’s been a struggle and safe to say, tiredness, emotions and hormones are definitely taking their toll.. so here’s a laugh for you all!

Monday night I experienced this horrific scene 😂 casually changing my three week old newborns dirty nappy. She had a full tummy, clean PJ’s and soon to have a nice clean nappy to go to sleep with.
Little did I know, whilst lifting her legs to do the final wipe, she would, aim and fire! Never in the 6 years of being a mum did I think I’d become a human target practice for a tiny poop machine! But it happened, she redecorated my pillows, wardrobe and wallpaper behind me! Aswell as making sure I had my fair share, over my glasses, my mouth and as shown in the picture!
Some people thought they had shitty Mondays (no pun intended) but this trumped any Monday I’d had before!
Safe to say my little one slept beautifully after her poo explosion!

For all you mamas out there who are finding it tough especially in the earlier days, I hear you, you’re not alone, hang on in there!
We have shitty days, literally!!
But look for the good days too, learn to stress less about the minor things..

I hope this brings alittle humour to someone’s day today ✌🏻

We’ve got this 💪🏻 no matter what aimed at us 🙄😂

Life Updates

Nanny and Grandad to the rescue!

Happy Monday everyone, I hope the summer holidays aren’t stressing everyone out too much!

I can safely say that if it wasn’t for being pregnant I’d be well on my way to finishing a large vodka bottle last week! Thankfully, I’m so lucky to have the support of my parents and they’ve taken the babies for two nights whilst I get some work done and sort out business. This week is more planning for the children and taking them out and doing bits each day! Stay tuned for ideas on what to do on a budget with that!

I ran my own cleaning company until I found out I was pregnant, which I have now unfortunately had to stop doing due to a growing bump making it impossible to see my feet let alone cleaning for my lovely clients. So I officially stopped that today! I have recently trained in beauty treatments so I am now undertaking that venture and I am also an independent consultant for the Bodyshop at home. So I have been tackling all of those too and trying to juggle a million things, so the holidays have certainly been a test! I take my hat off to those mums that work full time 9-5 (and more) and have children, plus housework, and managing to stay sane!!

Anyway, the children had been scratching up the walls yesterday and my mum offered to have them for the night to give me some peace for a night. I have so much love and appreciation for my parents, my dad is your average Joe, cool as a cucumber and is happy to watch the world go by. My mum is more full on, and has been suffering from a brain tumour for the last 10+ years and is partially paralysed down one side, so she is an absolute hero in my eyes and still manages to cope with my crazy two.. she’s a bloody Saint! But I’ll write more about her in another post.

Had some really good news from the school nurse when she came to see Alfie last week and she’s happy with his progression after the spat we’ve had with him since November with his anger and his way of coping with his dad playing a lesser part in his life (another post coming soon!) So he is happy to have a break at nanny and grandads too! I forget sometimes that he’s 6 in September because he’s so grown up with everything he does and his sister constantly bothering him to play, pinching his toys or on his side of the room… Poor boy, can’t catch a break! But, other than that my only tip I can share with you all hat have found works is when they tell tales, to treat both kids the same, unless its physical they are looking for a reaction from me and when I tell them both the same thing.

They play nicely because ‘mum’s not interested in the bad behaviour’ and so far (fingers crossed) it’s worked! We’ll see in 5 weeks if I’m still saying the same thing ha ha!

So regardless of all that, I managed a hot meal in peace tonight with my gorgeous other half at the two chimneys, my treat to show my appreciation for all the hard work he’s done and all his support for us. Super lucky to have such a lovely support network, and it helps with all the chaos!

Preparing for all the madness that returns tomorrow when the babies are back! Also another midwife appointment for my 28-29 week check up, a meeting with my area manager for body shop and a client to do her nails, but will definitely be glad to have the kids back. I have missed them, but for now they have the joys of eating my parents out of house and home rather than raiding my cupboards every 45 mins!!

Keep winging it, we’ve got this 💪🏻