Does anyone else find parent life extremely repetitive? Like okay I wouldn't change it for the world but how many times do I need to repeat the same words/phrases a day? And naps? Like you can tell what time of day it is as your child ends up the crankiest thing known to man because [...]

I’m back!

I’m back!

I'm back! Have you missed me? I've been uber quiet recently as Archie has been so poorly and then we had loads of plans that I decided to enjoy the time with Archie and forget about everything else (and I needed all the sleep I could get!). I hope you all had a lovely Easter! [...]

Mothers Day.

So today most might just think of thanking their mum or nan for all they've done (Mine are amazing and quite frankly like super women). However there are men that have had to take the role of being mum out there whether it be their partner has died or simply just left them and dad's [...]

Your mans bag

Not the one that's created the baby, he'll need his own hospital bag. Make your birthing partner pack their own bag so you can blame them if they forget something. You don't have to panic so much if you have a woman as your birthing partner as they carry everything in their handbag anyway. Spare [...]

Babies hospital bag

Yes I had a separate bag for the baby which was so much easier! Plus you don't have to carry your bags when you go in and leave hospital so make the most of it! (Your birthing partner won't like me for telling you that, shh). A few things will be different depending if you're [...]